Tuesday, 13 March 2018

WHERE SCORPIONS HUNT, by JOHN R. STUART - Available exclusively at AMAZON

Available now exclusively at AMAZON, the sequel to BLACK STOCKINGS-RED BLOOD.

If you like hard-boiled detective stories you'll love :


Some men deserve to die, it’s only a question of who gets to kill them.

Ex Military Policemen, D’Angelo and Cayne are struggling to earn a living as private investigators in New York City. During the 1951 World Series, they land the case of a lifetime when they are hired to recover a trio of stolen priceless antique daggers. Add a vicious, yet polished thug, the Irish mob and the beautiful and wealthy femme fatale – Nora Belvedere and you have the elements of a classic crime noir private eye tale. In the tradition of THE MALTESE FALCON and THE BIG SLEEP.