Thursday, 6 December 2018

Gettysburg Redux- 5 Star Review,

Gettysburg Redux- 5 Star Review,

"DARINGLY CREATIVE - John Stuart's imagination is creative, insightfully bending the facets of reality to show a diverse perspective of what might have been."

Saturday, 20 October 2018

FIVE STAR REVIEW - Black Stockings-Red Blood

FIVE STAR REVIEW - Black Stockings-Red Blood

This is the kind of hard-boiled detective fiction that I thought went away when we lost Raymond Chandler. Like Chandler’s Philip Marlowe, there’s a lot not to like about the novel’s main character. Warren Cayne drinks, smokes, cusses, pops bennies and is deeply involved in an ongoing affair despite the fact he’s married. Literally battle-scarred, he’s a cynical former New York City detective and ex-Marine who’s counting the days until he’s done with the Army, too. A captain in the Military Police, he doesn’t respect his superior officers (and for good reason). He just wants out.
It’s never that easy, though, is it? Catching the wrong telephone call after the end of his shift, the unlucky Captain Cayne is soon tasked with solving a particularly grizzly double murder. Even after it appears the killings are the handiwork of a serial killer, he doesn’t hesitate to go down the mean streets of Paris. He might have hoped to return to the States, but now he has a job to do. No matter the price, he intends to get it done. Despite his excesses, Cayne is a believer in law and justice.
At the end of the story, he goes even further than I thought he would. It’s a dark and satisfying finale.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Weed Wednesday - Try a Cannabis inspired novel

For Weed Wednesday - Try a Cannabis inspired novel


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For fans of the novels of John R. Stuart, my latest novel, WHERE SCORPIONS HUNT, a crime noir detective story has finally appeared on my Amazon author’s page. For some reason, after it’s publication it disappeared into limbo. Not certain if it was a formatting issue on my part or an Amazon glitch.

Monday, 3 September 2018


Just finished reading an excellent novel - THE ATHEIST'S DAUGHTER by Renee Harrell.

Here's my review:

A new and refreshing take on the Young Adult horror genre
The Atheist’s Daughter by Renee Harrell is a new and refreshing take on the Young Adult horror genre. You’d think that after there have been so many books written in this genre that it would be difficult to come up with a storyline that is both original and exciting, but Harrell has done just that. I’ve read a considerable amount of horror stories and I have never seen or heard of the evil creatures of this type that haunt this gripping book.
This well crafted and subtle novel crackles with energy and tension and moves convincingly to a very satisfying conclusion. The principal characters are well developed and extremely believable. The mysterious evil specters that provide the horror are frightening and interesting in the tradition of classic horror stories. I hope in future novels we learn more about the evil monsters of the – Unending and the mysterious protagonist Kristin.
The main strength of the author is to develop characters that the reader will care about and they do so in a fashion that makes the plot move along quickly without any boring phases.

The author has perfectly set this book up to be continued in a sequel and I look forward to the next chapter in what I hope will be a series.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Monday, 25 June 2018

Longstreet Or Lee - Who was best suited to win at Gettysburg

Longstreet Or Lee

The most important battle of the American Civil war was the bitter three-day engagement fought at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July 1863. Prior to this battle, the rag-tag armies of the Confederacy under the superb leadership of General Robert E. Lee had basically fought their superior supplied and larger Union enemy to a stand-still.

Fresh off his stunning victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Lee took his Army of Northern Virginia deep into the heart of the enemy territory and encountered the Union forces at the small town of Gettysburg.

Perhaps the worst mistake ever made by Lee was his decision on July 3rd to launch a daring attack against the Union positions south of Cemetery Hill. His attack was an utter disaster and many historians would argue that this was the point that finally turned the war in the favor of the Union.
During the pre-assault argument - Longstreet told Lee – “It is my opinion that no fifteen thousand men ever arranged for battle can take that position.”

Lee’s fool-hardy attack is known as Pickett’s Charge after General Pickett who led the assault. The attack resulted in over 6000 Confederate casualties and ended the battle with a Union victory.
The irony of the situation is that Lee’s chief subordinate officer, the famed veteran Confederate General James Longstreet had vehemently disagreed with Lee regarding Pickett’s Charge and would have instead fought a defensive battle at Gettysburg.

What would have happened had Longstreet been in command of the Confederate forces at Gettysburg?

If you are interested in this scenario, try my alternative history fiction novel – GETTYSBURG REDUX.