Monday, 1 July 2019

Today marks the 156 anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Today marks the 156 anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg – the most pivotal battle of the American Civil War. In my novel GETTYSBURG REDUX, I present an alternative version of that battle and the series REBEL EMPIRE explores the international consequences of a Confederate victory. Looking for some exciting summer reading that follows an alternative version of history – try REBEL EMPIRE, By John R. Stuart.  Available from all eBook vendors.



Sunday, 19 May 2019

A terrific action packed fun read - 5 stars for RAMBLE ON...

A terrific action-packed fun read - 5 stars for RAMBLE ON.

"A 19-year-old Jesse Cayne plays football and has his sights set on
Playing defensive end in the NFL. He is recruited by an elite prep
School where he meets his teammates amongst which is Moby a
A great running back who happens to be crazy rich and very wild.
Jesse earns money as a small-time drug dealer and quickly gets involved with some beautiful girls and Moby’s beautiful sister who is off limits to Jesse. A series of events leads to an angry drug cartel, an angry Moby, and angry girl all directed at Jesse. A really good and fun read."

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Independent writers need your book review!

I’m directing today’s blog message to people that have purchased and read novels written by Independent writers. Most Indie writers toll away in near total obscurity. It’s a very tough business to succeed in, and the vast majority of us know we’ll never be widely read by the general population. Yet, we continue to work at our craft. We have stories to tell and we take immense satisfaction when we hear back from our audience.

Reviews are extremely important to us. They provide indie writers with both praise and criticism. Writers can learn to be better based upon the constructive reviews we garner. The vast majority of people that have read my novels do not leave a review. Reviews are critical to our business. A positive review may be the deciding factor that convinces a totally new reader to take a chance on an independently published novel. It only takes a few minutes to leave a short review, it doesn’t have to be War & Peace in length, even a few words of praise are effective. So, please take a few moments after you finish a novel to leave a review on the site where the book was purchased.

Take a chance on an independent writer, remember the author of GONE WITH THE WIND - Margaret Mitchell was turned down by 38 publishers before one took a chance on her novel.

Your next favourite book is out there waiting to be read and there’s a very good chance it was written by an independent author.
So – write those reviews!




Saturday, 27 April 2019

A new five-star review for my ebook - RAMBLE ON...

A new five-star review for my ebook - RAMBLE ON...

"I can’t say why I enjoyed Jessie Cayne’s journey. There’s not a lot of good in this guy. He lies, he cheats, he steals, and even when the people around him see his value, he can’t see it himself. Early in the story, he’s called, “devious, duplicitous and interesting”, and by the novel’s end, I agreed with that assessment. He’s not the best person you’ll ever meet but, oh, yes, he is interesting.

Maybe I liked him because he never sugarcoats who he is or what he does. He knows he’s no good. He might wish he was better, and he tries to be so on occasion, but he can’t make it stick. Even when he’s at the top of his game, part of him knows it can’t last. Not for a man like him. But if he’s going to crash and burn, he’ll do it on his own terms: taking a long drag on a good joint while some great music plays in the background.

I usually speed through my reading – so many books, so little time – but I purposely paced myself with this story. I didn’t want it to end too quickly. I wanted to linger in its weed-laden, classic rock-blasting world for as long as I could.

And as unlikely as it seems by the end of this tale, I want to see more of the main character. Just as no great rock group is a one-hit wonder, Jessie Cayne needs to ride his Harley again. A man this interesting must have more stories to tell.

Ramble on, Jessie.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

420 Day - Try a Cannabis inspired novel - RAMBLE ON...

For the first legal 420 Day - Try a Cannabis inspired novel


Sex, drugs and rock n roll were the main focus of army brat - drug dealer Jessie Cayne when he rolled into Texas in 1988.

Once he arrived in El Paso he landed a position on the Championship football team and he began to push his drugs amongst the elite students of his new high school. His life is further complicated as he falls into a steamy love triangle. He’s betting his future on an Ivy League University football scholarship but his involvement with the deadly Mexican drug cartel threatens to destroy not only him but those he loves.
Ramble On is as close to a fast-paced action movie as is possible to be found in a book. Featuring great storytelling, detailed believable characters as well as thrilling action, this book doesn’t pull any punches on its roller coaster ride to its fateful conclusion.

Ramble On... comes with a recommended playlist of classic rock songs to be listened to during the story.

Friday, 29 March 2019

CONFEDERATE KNIGHTS - is now available at all major eBook vendors.

Book Four – CONFEDERATE KNIGHTS - of my Alt History Series - Rebel Empire - is now available at all major eBook vendors.
This exciting finale to the Rebel Empire series has it all – murder, duels, pirates, cannibals, gunslingers, secret agents, heroes, political intrigue and even Wild West showmen. Confederate Knights is the fourth and final novel in the alternative history series REBEL EMPIRE. It is a collection of previously untold tales based upon characters that appeared in one of the previous three books, as well as outstanding, but unused characters. Featuring historical figures such as Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet, Jubal Early, and Jeb Stuart.
Praise for REBEL EMPIRE -The Series
“Excellent alternate history saga is woven through with historical characters and plausible scenarios. Stuart can certainly write well as he weaves a common theme through this historical trilogy (with a marvelous fourth book loaded with short stories and scenarios he couldn't work into his main three books) following a half-century of service, intrigue, betrayals, obsessions, strategies, wins and losses. He primarily follows one family through it all; it is fascinating and unlike anything I've ever read. It certainly turns history upside down. Stuart develops characters exceedingly well and makes you love, hate, admire or fear them. It was what I call a really fun read (admittedly, it helps to have a basic knowledge or our history so that one can see the "divergences", understand and delight it them).” – Larry Thompson