Saturday, 12 August 2017

Great Summer Reading - The REBEL EMPIRE alternative history series, by John R. Stuart

It's the dog days of summer and if you're looking for some great summer entertainment you should give REBEL EMPIRE, The Series by John R. Stuart a try.

A four part series, available exclusively at Amazon, REBEL EMPIRE begins with a Confederate victory at Gettysburg. in 1863.  Mixing actual historical people with fictional characters the series chronicles the world that might have been.

1. Gettysburg Redux

2. Rebels and Desperados

3.For the Good of the Confederacy

4. Confederate Knights

Series review by Larry Thompson
"Excellent alternate history saga woven through with historical characters and plausible scenarios. Stuart can certainly write well as he weaves a common theme through this historical trilogy (with a marvellous fourth book loaded with short stories and scenarios he couldn't work into his main three books) following a half century of service, intrigue, betrayals, obsessions, strategies, wins and losses. He primarily follows one family through it all; it is fascinating and unlike anything I've ever read. It certainly turns history upside down. Stuart develops characters exceedingly well, and makes you love, hate, admire or fear them. It was what I call a really fun read (admittedly, it helps to have a basic knowledge of our history so that one can see the "divergences", understand and delight in them).