Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I'm requesting input from fans of the series- REBEL EMPIRE

Not long after I completed “FOR THE GOOD OF THE CONFEDERACY” the third book in my alternative history series REBEL EMPIRE a fan and friend pointed out to me that they were unsatisfied with the conclusions of several of my characters in the series. They wanted to know more about these characters.

Quite frankly I had decided to leave the realm of Rebel Empire alone after the third novel but my friend got me to thinking and I realized that I needed to write a fourth book in the series and use the opportunity to tell some additional stories about my characters. These would be stories regarding characters that I either glossed over or perhaps needed additional fleshing out. Call it a second life for these characters.

Therefore, I have decided to write a new anthology novel where I will tell some additional tales in these characters history.  In some cases these will be real life historical figures or fictitious characters of my own creation that appeared in:


So I’d like to offer my readers the chance to have input to this fourth novel - CONFEDERATE KNIGHTS.

 I have to assume that considering the many thousands of views this blog receives some of the fans of REBEL EMPIRE are stopping by to see what I’m currently working on.
If you wish to contact me with a character request please either leave a comment to the blog -or email me directly at:

No promises, but I’ll do my best to make anyone that suggests a character - happy.