Friday, 29 August 2014

Free Download Available - Mr. Jablowski's Treasure

Ultimately the goal of every writer is to reach their audience, to have someone read and enjoy their work. It would also be nice to make some money for the sale as well, but as an independent writer that's a tough road.

I really want to reach my audience and in order to to so I'm now offering my short story - MR. JABLOWSKI'S TREASURE  as a free download. If you enjoy the story, please leave comments or write a brief review.

Here's a brief synopsis:

There’s always something interesting and exciting happening when you’re thirteen and summer vacation has just begun. In the summer of 1966 a young boy is having the summer of his life, riding his bike, playing baseball and having fun by tempting the wrath of the nasty old man that lives nearby. But things get much more exciting when he discovers an amazing treasure - which he carefully keeps to himself, until he runs afoul of the local school bully. However, the secret escapes and ultimately leads to unexpected consequences. Mr. Jablowski’s Treasure is a coming of age story in the tradition of such childhood classics as STAND BY ME, THE SANDLOT AND THE PIG MAN

Available at most eBook vendors for free. So please take advantage of this offer, and if you like this short sample of my writing then try one of my three novels.

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