Friday, 25 July 2014

RAMBLE ON… is now available at Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple Itunes

RAMBLE ON… is now available at Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Apple Itunes

I’m very excited to let readers of my novels know that my latest eBook - RAMBLE ON… is now available at additional vendors.

The three month exclusive offering to Amazon Kindle for RAMBLE ON… is now over and I’m pleased to have been able to republish my latest eBook at 3 other major eBook vendors.

Ramble On… - is a story of one young man’s experiences in the world of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Here’s a brief synopsis:
Jack Clark believes he has everything that a man could want. A supermodel wife, access to a huge fortune and a blossoming career as a writer. But he’s a flawed man, wracked with guilt and dependent about drugs and alcohol. His past is about to catch up to him, a past he felt he had buried and left behind forever.
In the spring of 1983 Jessie Cayne rolled into El Paso, Texas on his vintage Harley. Jessie is an army brat, a high school football star and a small time drug dealer. He’s comes into the new town with lofty ambitions -he’s long on talent, but short of cash. He quickly joins the city’s best high school football team - the RIO GRANDE CONQUISTADORS and begins to traffic drugs for the local narcotics cartel to the wealthy students of his new school. Jessie’s game plan is a simple one - win a State football championship, earn a scholarship to an Ivy League school and leave his days of poverty behind. This plan goes off the tracks when he becomes friends with the wealthy, enigmatic and tortured Moby McIntyre. He becomes embroiled with the gorgeous love child Mary and is then seduced by a crazy sexual predator. He appears destined for fame and greatness until he is seduced by the three things he loves the most - SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK ‘n’ ROLL.

I have suggested a Rock n Roll soundtrack to be played as the book is read.