Friday, 16 May 2014


Here's another review of RAMBLE ON...

By: Carol Piner- author of EVIDENCE OF INSANITY

Ramble on by John R. Stuart is an extremely well structured book that has everything but your tub thrown in it. First let me mention Stuart's's awesome. He is an absolute master with his descriptive style. Whether it is the weather, his motorcycle, his favorite music, a character or a place on the map. All the while, his easy, breezy style allows you to read some very ugly transactions and make them seem normal.
Even though his book began with him living with a filthy rich wife, he had achieved his own fame as a writer. Because he was  overtly promiscuous, he gets tossed on his now very broke butt by the powerful family he had thumbed his nose at. However, he felt his drug connections would create any necessary funds as he became the pro football player he had his sights on. Given all that, off he went on his much loved Harley for new life in El Paso.
Introduced to his new buddy, Moby, he went about achieving his ambitions. His acceptance by Moby allowed him to run with the "in" crowd and introduced him around where he was allowed to indulge in his favorite things, women, drugs and rock and roll. He then ran into serious trouble by going too far with another powerful family, which seemed to be an issue with him.
Apparently Stuart is an aficionado by of hard rock. He introduced songs that related to the chapter sunk by well known singers such as Lynard Skynard at the beginning of each chapter. His music preferences do not go quite as far as punk rock but definitely bring back fond memories for those of us who lived through that era. His love for this music and his Harley appeared to be the "rocks" of his life and was front and center throughout his book.
I did get lost a few times when the on-going action changed quickly. Suffice it to say, he let his deficiencies, including never knowing when to quit, caring about what people he cares for need and his never-ending promiscuity bring him to a cataclysmic
Whew! I love when that happens. It wore me out just reading it. But again, his ability to draw a picture with his writing is an art and I sure hope he continues with it. John R. Stuart is a master story teller who needs only minor polishing.