Friday, 18 April 2014


I believe I have offered readers of my new eBook a new and rather interesting option. My latest novel, RAMBLE ON..., is a story of Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll and Murder.

I discovered that as I was writing the book I could hear a soundtrack of classic rock songs playing in my mind. It was a rather eerie experience and most of the music I could hear as I wrote was helping to set the mood of the story and became an integral component of the storytelling experience.

For example, while I was writing the opening of the book I could clearly hear the Guns N Roses song PARADISE CITY, and it just seemed so appropriate to the experience of the story that I decided to make these song choices part of the reading experience.

This experience continued as I wrote the novel. Ultimately, there are approximately 65 songs recommended to make the reading experience more tangible, more all encompassing. Since anyone reading RAMBLE ON, will be doing so on an electronic eReader of some sort, it will be possible for them to access the appropriate song via the internet and play the song as they read. I believe this will make the book much more total and absorbing reading experience.

As far as I am aware, this is a first in the world of books! Has anyone ever recommended a soundtrack to be played as a book is read? If so, I have been unable to find it. So sit back enjoy the book and ROCK ON!